Melco will resume the work of Nüwa Hotel in City of Dreams

Melco will resume the work of Nüwa Hotel in City of Dreams to the Chinese New Year of 2020

Melco International Development Ltd announced plans to complete the renovation of the Nüwa Hotel in City of Dreams (Macau) before the Chinese New Year of 2020.

In an interim report for 2018, Melco International Development, which owns a 51.3% stake in Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd, provided new details on the upcoming reconstruction of The Countdown Hotel and renaming it to Libertine.

It is reported that the process of modernization of Nüwa will begin immediately after the celebration of the Chinese New Year in 2019, and the update of The Countdown Hotel is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

"Each of these hotels in City of Dreams will continue to offer luxury and premium services, while maintaining an individual style and design, and also emphasizing quality and attention to detail," - Melco representative said.

The company also provided updated information on its activities in Cyprus, where the construction of the City of Dreams Mediterranean is planned for $600 million. The facility will be ready in 2021.

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